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We've Combined Technology with Faith

Musaffa is a Halal stock & ETF screening provider. We unify people, businesses, and technology to
accelerate growth and profitability in the Islamic Fintech landscape.

Shariah Compliant Investing

We empower companies in the Islamic Finance space with the most accurate and comprehensive Halal screening data.

Diversified Portfolios

Combine our database of - global stocks & ETFs with your intelligent systems to build diversified portfolios for your customers

Smart Financial Tools

Halal stocks & ETFs screener, purification calculator, and Halal stock recommendations


Quality. Quality. Quality.

We offer the most comprehensive screening reports, so your customers rest assured.
Our 3-step process ensures the most accurate data.

  • Analysts

    We analyze all publicly available information, including annual and quarterly reports, company websites, company presentations, press releases, and much more, to get the most accurate results.

  • Shariah Advisors

    Our industry-leading Shariah board helps us maintain standards by AAOIF regarding impermissible revenue, interest-bearing debt, and interest-bearing securities.

  • Chief Investment Officer

    The final step is done by our CIO to assess report quality and to do a final round of screening.


Easy Integrations

Access the Untapped

Musaffa’s tech-powered B2B global Shariah screening and the analytical solution will help you explore global opportunities and discover new channels and offerings to grow your business.

Transparency & Reliability

When it comes to data, trust comes from transparency. Features such as screening reports, compliance ranking, and smart alerts allow you to attain perfect accuracy.

Build or Enhance Products

Our teams help deliver solutions that are business viable, technically feasible, and desirable to your end-user.

Seamless Integration

Extensive data output options – like our screening reports API, webhooks notification on status changes, and data warehouse connections via API and WebSocket – make Musaffa the perfect addition to your tech stack.


Our Shariah Advisors

Shaikh Dr. Aznan Hasan


Mufti Faraz Adam

United Kingdom


Our Product

Get data from the most comprehensive and
accurate provider in the industry.